Gasogás is proud to present a set of services guided by excellence and passion.
Putting the values of Being Present, Flexibility and Security in everything that is done.

  • International Transport (Full Load and Groupage) - Consists of transporting goods in full or groupage (import or export).
  • National Transport - Consists of transporting goods in full load or groupage in national territory
  • Express Transport (PT-DE-PT) - Service with double crew, thus reducing transit time for faster delivery times.
  • Transportation Full Load in Refrigerator (Ambient / Refrigerated / Frozen Load / ADR) - Consists of transporting goods in full load with the possibility of refrigerated temperature.
  • Containerized Cargo Transport - Container transport service with origin and destination in different national ports
  • Intralogistics Service - Possibility to allocate human and material resources at the client's premises.
  • Traction Service - Service in which we provide a tractor and driver to carry out traction with the customer's trailer

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  • Transportation services

  • Containerized Cargo

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everything you need to know

One of our vehicles moves to the place of loading or lifting the goods, proceeding to load it. After loading, the vehicle transports to the destination of the goods.

Yes, taxes and fees must be paid in accordance with current legislation.

Yes. However, after loading the goods, some changes may incur additional costs. Ex. Change of delivery destination, return of goods, additional deliveries, among others.

Gasogás has a GPS tracking system in all its cars. Tracking the exact location where your merchandise is located is just a click away or a call away.

The transit time of the goods requires prior information, since transit times vary according to the destination.

You can send your goods in Standard International Transport, or in Express Transport – with reduced time in transit.

We currently perform services across Europe.

Yes. We are prepared to receive you in our physical space in Marinha Grande and Matosinhos.

In person, going to one of our physical spaces in Marinha Grande or Matosinhos. By phone to 244 555 190. Or by email to gasogas@gasogas.com

The goods may not have to have any specific requirements. In case your merchandise needs it, we will inform you immediately when you contact us.

Yes. All the goods we transport are protected under transport insurance.

You can import and export any item. In the case of requiring any special authorization, Gasogás is able to obtain it.

There are no prohibited articles to carry. However, some may require some form of special authorization.

We transport any merchandise, as long as it is properly packed, or palletized. We also transport ADR goods in classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.

You do not need any documentation. Gasogás provides the necessary documentation to carry out the transport.

International Transport consists of transporting goods between different countries. In the case of National Transport, transport is carried out entirely within the same country

Freight transport consists of moving goods from point A to point B.

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